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I was born in a small rural village and have lived in the country all my life.

However, to progress in my career commuting to larger towns became necessary and many years were spent travelling to London, across the UK and Europe.

How Konzepts was born

Moving to the depths of East Sussex early in 2014 it took quite a while until I had located suppliers of goods and services I needed..

This highlighted a challenge many small rural businesses face. In today’s world of the internet and mobile devices, it seems they are often left behind.

Marketing, web and social media agencies tend to concentrate on towns, rather than explore rural areas. It is understandable, as the ‘cost of sale’ is considerably higher and the process more challenging that a ‘quick win’ in a business park or similar.

Another challenge is a lack of understanding of rural life - its challenges and its thinking. Rural businesses are not like businesses in towns and cities, but there is hardly anything to be found on the internet, which helps them overcome the challenge of marketing themselves to their closer and wider community.

My favourite pastimes

If my work is not keeping me tied to my computer, the great outdoors beckons - with stunning ancient woodland and bluebell woods right outside of my door.

When time permits you'd generally find me around horses, whether it is mucking out or trying to improve my dressage skills and on Saturday mornings I volunteer with our local community garden project, which is also supported by Konzepts as a company. We sponsor a plot, which is providing therapeutic gardening and fresh vegetables for our community.

Sue Harbottle-Sear
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