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Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together some information you might seek before considering a Konzepts franchise and getting in touch:


Should the question you have not be covered, please just ask! 

Q : What is a Franchise?

A : Franchising is when an established business allows a third party the right to operate using

     their trade-name, either through their manufacturing, distribution or sales channels.

     This is usually in return for a one time franchise fee, plus a percentage of sales revenue or a

     monthly set fee. In our case it is a fixed monthly payment, which covers all expenses, usually

     charged additionally to the percentage of sales revenue, by other franchisers.

Q : Why are you not a member of a Franchising Association, such as

      the British Franchising  Association or similar?


A :  Konzepts is a member of the Quality Franchise Association to ensure you feel

      comfortable that you are dealing with a reputable business, which adheres to a

      code of conduct

Q : Do I need to work full-time from the moment I start the franchise?

A : That is completely up to you! You may initially chose to work on your franchise for half a day

     whilst continuing with a current part time job, until you have built up enough customers to take

     the final step of going full-time.


Q : Could I operate the franchise together with someone else?


A : Of course you can! The franchise model has been created to provide a full-time job for

     one person and to provide an income of around £3,000 by the end of year one. Should you 

     choose to share the work - you'd share the income, too.


Q : Will I be able to grow the franchise to employ other people?


A : The Konzepts franchise does not lend itself to employing additional staff, as this would drive 

      up cost of social medial management and website design for customers. It is at the heart of 

      the franchise to be and stay affordable.

Q : Is a Konzepts franchise future proof, considering some of the negative press some social media

      channels have received?

A : Social Media is now a permanent feature in our lives. It may be that providers change,

     regulation is applied or the way social media is used. It is Konzepts responsibility to 

     stay ahead and informed about anything, which could affect the way professional social media

     management is carried out. Should there be any changes, we will inform our franchisees and

     offer the relevant training for their business to stay successful.

Q : How big is the exclusive franchise territory?

A :  Known as the franchisee’s Exclusive Marketing Zone - this would depend on where you live,

       but usually is about 40 miles around your main place of residence. It is important for a

       Konzepts franchisee to be able to travel and meet future and existing clients to provide a

       tailored service.

Q : I am using social media privately, but have no idea of how to get it right for businesses, is that a


A : No, absolutely not. You'll be given in depth training and a manual will be available for you, too!

     You'll find out where and how you can find your customers, what conversations to have with

     them to bring them on board and, of course, all the in's and out's of finding, curating ans posting

     just the right content for them. 

Q: As I use social media privately I could'nt I easily start a business such as this, by myself?

A: Possibly. However, it's worth keeping in mind that you would have to pay around £6,000 plus

     VAT up front annually to subscribe to a service, which allows you to manage as many 

     clients and their social media profiles, as the Konzepts methodology does.

     With us you pay for a 3 year licence to use our methodology. 

Q : Once I have been trained, will there be any further help available?

A : Yes! Konzepts can be contacted via email at any time and via phone or Skype during standard

      business hours. Ongoing training can also be provided, should it be deemed necessary.

Q : How long has Konzepts been operating?

A : Konzepts started as a Sole Trader on a part-time basis in 2016 and was incorporated as a limited

     company on 4th December 2017.

Q : What are the next steps, should I be interested in a Konzepts franchise?

A : Simply complete the form below! We'll then send you our franchise prospectus for you to

     check what the  franchise is all about. And once you want to go ahead we'll set up a meeting to

     progress things.   


Don’t worry, you’re not entering into any kind of agreement where we pester you for life about our company – just read through it and if you like what you see give us a call and ask us all your questions!


Interested in a Konzepts Franchise? Then please get in touch!

You can also call us on 01825 840951 (Mo - Fri 09.30 - 17.00)

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