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Social Media Management

Social Media is a 'must do' nowadays to get the news about your business, products or services out to

potential customers. 

You already know that it's great for building your brand and that social links on your captivating website are a necessity for your future clients to find out more about your business.


Why is this important?

There are 57.10 million active social media users in the UK (January 2023, 84.4 % of population)           


These are your potential customers! To reach them you have to chose the right social media channel and post content, adding value to them on a regular basis and that is more often than you may think!


Konzepts can take all the hassle away from you, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best -

running your business.

A Konzepts customer benefits from:

Quality content created bespoke for your business,

published at optimum times to reach your customers.

Created by people and posted by people

and no auto generated content or posting.


you'll enjoy these services at no extra charge:


Setting up Social Media accounts
Review/update existing accounts
Monitoring and responding, where appropriate
Quality content creation
Social Media advert creation


Get in touch and find out what we can do for you!


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