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A day in the life of...

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Cow looking at you

... a Konzepts social media manager...

Konzepts prides itself on becoming part of a clients’ business.

This, of course, entails getting to know them, their business and even their customers.

So yesterday I set out to visit a client, who runs a remote country pub. The stunning weather made the 30-minute drive particularly pleasant. It’s so brilliant to live and work in a rural area! No stress and stunning countryside…

Kent Oast House Tops

Konzepts posts on behalf of this client four times a day across Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and also monitors and responds on the accounts, wherever possible.

It was great to be given a ’free run’ of the premises, as it makes it much easier to form impressions and look at all from a customer’s point of view.

Off into the kitchen to meet the sous chef and, of course, the head chef. Nowadays it is so important for a pub’s survival to provide excellent and interesting food. A ‘spic and span’ kitchen greeted me and watching the prep for the day ahead was most helpful. This particular pub cooks everything from fresh – they even cut their own chips! A great, positive angle from a social media marketing point of view – let alone from a customer’s!

Over a great glass of wine, the owner and bar manager discussed their aspirations for the establishment and the events which they are planning for the next month or so. Little tit bits of food arrived from the kitchen for me to try. I was even able to add some of my own ideas, which showed that Konzepts really has become part of their business. What a great way to spend a morning!

Two ladies popped in with their dog after a long walk for an early bite to eat.

Fabulous – I could watch the kitchen in action and gained feed back when chatting to them. Not surprisingly they loved the ambiance and the food, too!

Harveys of Lewes

It was not only a good way to bond with the client, but also to gain ideas and thoughts on content, which would set this pub’s social media posts apart from their competitors and reach out to a new customer base for them. Of course, it was also nice to hear they loved, what Konzepts has done for them so far and they were seeing an increased footfall.

“It’s so great to know we don’t have to worry about content, frequency and monitoring of our social media channels anymore! It’s given us back much valuable time, which we need, to deal with the day to day tasks and developing the pub further. Konzepts just ‘gets’ it and we can just let you get on with it.”

And, of course, the visit was a great opportunity to take many pictures to accompany the relevant social media posts. Content creation in situ!

Job done!

How many social media management agencies do you know, which give this service and at a highly affordable cost?

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