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Website Update Yes or No?

Dandelion head with quote -To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill

Ask yourself these questions…

1. Is my website mobile friendly?

2. Has my business stayed exactly the same since my last website launched?

3. Does my website look modern?

4. Does my website function well on all technologies (browsers, screen sizes, devices, etc.)?

5. Is my website better than the competition?

6. Am I seeing steady growth with my current website?

7. Do my customers compliment my website?

8. Does my website align with my current business goals?

9. Am I proud to share my website with potential clients or employees?

10. Do I like looking at my website?

…and consider…

  • Your website is the digital shop window of your business

  • Your company’s site can look stale, outdated and out of touch with modern technology and trends

  • Your website needs to be mobile friendly, accessible and allow navigation on any device.

  • Well over half of all web traffic is now via mobile devices!

  • Your website might still not be GDPR compliant

  • Information and pictures might be out of date

Shop front with blanked out windows
Is this your shop?

The digital shop window

Think! - You go shopping on the High Street in your local town and you walk past a run down, old fashioned looking shop with poor signage. The window has not been updated for a long time and the shop feels uninviting, you don’t where to look and the staff couldn’t care less!

Would you bother going in again? …I think not!

Would you recommend it to anyone? ...Highly unlikely!

Nowadays your website has become your online shop front and you should give it as much care and attention as you would a real shop. Your website is where your current customers and prospects come to browse and see what you’ve got to offer. If your offering doesn’t look appealing, is difficult to find - they will go elsewhere!

Group of people searching via mobile devices
More than 60% of all searches are now on mobile devices

A mobile friendly site

More than 60% of all searches are now on mobile devices. This may be because of convenience, but we think Social Media has a lot to do with it, too!

It is so easy to link from an interesting social media post to explore the business behind it, whether on a mobile, tablet or laptop.

If you have ever tried to navigate a full-size website on your mobile, you know how off-putting it can be and your future customers will abandon your site for another one, which is easy to use on whichever device they chose.

Visualization of SSL encryption
Is your site SSL encrypted?

An SSL certificate is a must!

How do I know whether my site is SSL encrypted or not?

Look for your site on Google and then check in the box, which displays the URL of your site. When you look at the search box on Google – it should display

https://www. - - - -

If it shows http://www. - - - - then your site and data transmitted from it is not SSL encrypted!

Google has been marking any sites not having an SSL certificate as unsafe since the end of July 2018. Safari, too, marks non SSL sites as "Not secure"

Most website host companies should allow you to have your site hosted via SSL encryption and no extra cost. Konzepts certainly does!

It may also mean that your site is not GDPR compliant, as data gathered and transmitted, such as filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter - is not encrypted.

This can happen to your site and data collected Top 5 risks of not having an SSL certificate

Wix website design example
Could this become your site?

Just because you think your site is great – your customers might not think so

A website for a business ought not to be a vanity project but to aim at appealing to the relevant target audience of customers. Getting the layout, functionality, colours, typefaces, images and content right is of utter importance.

A website style might appeal to you, but does it to your target audience?

Using a specific colour background, because it's your favourite may just put a possible customer off from exploring your business!

A typeface, which you think is great may just give the wrong impression and may let your website look old fashioned and outdated.

Color psychology in web design – Read more

The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel) – Read more

Investing in your website means investing in your business!

Why should your future customers bother with your digital shop window, if you don't?

It does not have to be as expensive as you may think, so why not get in touch with us?

We can work with you to create something, which really stands out and is securely hosted, too!

Testimonial from Athena Jane Churchill, Artist
Testimonial from Athena Jane Churchill, Artist

Email us on or call 01825 840951 during standard business hours!

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