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A Website? It's your digital shop window…

Is your website going to the dogs?

More than 60% of all searches are now on mobile devices. This may be because of convenience, but we think Social Media has a lot to do with it, too!

It is so easy to link from an interesting social media post to explore the business behind it, whether on a mobile, tablet or laptop.

Mind you – this is where you could also put your possible customers off from engaging with your company!

Let’s explore some reasons...

Your site does not have an SSL certificate.

That means, when you look at the search box on Google – it displays

http://www. - - - - rather than https://www. - - - -

Google will mark any sites not having an SSL certificate as unsafe by the end of July 2018 Google sets https deadline

It is also likely to mean that your site is not GDPR compliant, as data submitted, such as filling out a contact form, is not encrypted.

Should you take direct payments and not direct your e-commerce customers to an SSL secured payment channel, you are leaving them open to have their payment details swiped, as they won’t be encrypted.

Your site is not mobile friendly

If you have ever tried to navigate a full-size website on your mobile, you know how off-putting it can be and your future customers will abandon your site for another one, which is easy to use on whichever device they chose.

Just because you think your site is great – your customers might not think so

A website for a business ought not to be a vanity project but to aim at appealing to the relevant target audience of customers. Getting the layout, colours, typefaces, images and content right is of utter importance.

Using a specific colour background, because it's your favourite colour may just put a possible customer off from exploring your business! A typeface, which you think is great may just give the wrong impression and may let your website look old fashioned and outdated.

Color psychology in web design – Read more

The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel) – Read more

These are good reason why, if you want your social media posts to work in conjunction with your website, you should invest in having the right site created for you.

Imagine the impression future customers have of your digital shop window if you have not invested in it...

It does not have to be as expensive as you may think -

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