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Social Media Marketing for small businesses

A fair question, which we hope to be able to answer for you.

Social Media is viewed by some as the evil of our times.

People are constantly looking at their phones and not engaging with the world around them, social media could be addictive and possibly a contributing factor to the mental health challenges for some. We hear and read about harassment, trolling and abuse.

So, personally one may take the view, that it is not worth bothering with.

However, one should remember that all social media users are your future customers, whether you are looking for business customers or end users!

Hence, it is important to distinguish between a person using social media for themselves and using Social Media for business purposes!

You may have made the decision not to use social media platforms for your personal use, however you cannot afford to ignore these platforms for your business.

You may argue that successful social media marketing for small businesses is no longer free, that gaining followers and engagement are really challenging.

And you are absolutely right!

As platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, became more popular - algorithms have and are being changed and tweaked so private users’ interest is retained and numbers continue to grow.

These private users are your future customers!

Twitter's market share in the United Kingdom has been increasing from approximately 8.22 percent in May 2015 to 12.03 percent in April 2017 and is continuing to grow. In February 2019, Facebook had a social network market share of 63.88 percent.

So how do you get your social media marketing right?

You ought to have a thorough understanding how the different platforms work for your business and which content does well on them. A successful Facebook post is rarely a brilliant Twitter post!

You need time, and enough of it, to plan, find and/or create the right content to then post on the various social networks!

Automating such tasks is unlikely to work, as social media users live in the moment and will spot out of date and non-relevant content straight away… Original content and/or curated content will do much, much better than simple retweets or reposts.

So, are you ready to become a social media specialist, whilst also being a specialist in running your business?

Are you ready to achieve results, such as these?

Follower/Page Like growth 63.8%

Organic post reach 45%

Engagement rate 4.5%


Then it’s time to outsource your social media to give you back your time to concentrate on what you are best at – and, of course have time to spend with your loved ones!

Want to give it a try?


1. Choose the right platform/s where your target audience can be found

2. Post at the right frequency relevant to the platform/s you are using to promote your business

Facebook: 1-2 posts per day

Twitter: minimum of 4 posts per day

Instagam: 1-3 posts per day

Linkedin: 1 post per day

It is worth noting that posting frequency on Twitter is really important, as posts don’t have a long lifespan and are competing with 500 million tweets in a day!

3. Know the times your target audience tends to be on social media!

If, for example, your target audience is likely to commute via public transport, post your content around the times they are likely to travel, as it’s far more likely they will see your post as they while away the travel time checking their social media feeds.

4. Get your content right

Posting for your business is not like posting as a private person.

You need to add entertainment, knowledge, fun and value to your audience with your business related posts.

5. Don’t post content without additional media

Pictures, infographics, gifs and video will make your posts stand out from the crowd and gain engagement and reactions.

Our customers tell us that social media marketing works for them:

Increased visitors to farm shop,

best meat sales ever for a butchery,

Wednesday nights as profitable as Sunday lunch for a country pub,

fully booked on special days, such as Mother's day and Easter for a cafe.

We even managed to sell a whole pig via Facebook, when the customer had left it a little late for their Easter hog roast...

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