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It's Good to Talk!

Many small businesses are already feeling the challenges the current Corona Virus crisis brings with it.

Financial and mental health are serious concerns at the moment. There are things we just cannot control, which makes us extremely anxious. However, for many, there are things that might help whilst other business may be able to carry on, albeit in a different format.

We have already heard about pubs turning into Take Aways or small shops and a hairdresser, which has created a new ‘Isolation Salon’ for over 70 year old clients & clients with underlying issues.

Many, like me, feel much better when doing something, which is in our control, to help alleviate stress, however fruitless it might seem…

Turning negative energy into positive energy is a helpful stress buster!

So, what can you do?

Do the filing.

Sort your expenses.

Bring your books up to date, even if it might be grim.

Re-organise your office.

Build that mailing list.

Have a website? Time to get a refresh!

Have a blog on your website? Get writing and publishing!

Don’t have a website? Get one done for you!

Create relevant social media accounts for your business, don’t use your personal ones.

Post about your products and services, particularly if they are virtual or online.

Post positive, funny, amusing stuff related to your type of business to keep all entertained.

Build relationships with your future customers.

Build a need/desire for your products/services when things get better.

Keep in touch with your customers!

I have created a really simple guide how you can use Skype to stay in touch, not only with your customers, but also with your family and friends. It has been created for those who are not technically as adept as others.

You can download it here - just scroll and you'll find the link.

Of course, there are other video meeting applications. Skype, though, is very simple, perfect for a small business, very easy to get, set up and use – ant it is completely free!

Yes, you can use WhatsApp, Facetime, Messenger and others – however you might need to share a desktop to discuss projects, make a presentation, etc. and Skype lets you do that.

Should you be technically OK – you also might wish to download TeamViewer for free.

Why? Should you need to set up a laptop/desktop for a friend or relative – this will permit you to log into their computer to do it for them. It’s also great to start teaching them how to use it!

Does it work, yes it does. I got a laptop for my 85 year old mother in Germany, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago. I set it up for her, downloaded Skype and showed her remotely how to use it.

She is quite a whizz by now!

PLEASE NOTE: The free TeamViewer version is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE!

Small businesses, which should be able to continue BUT they need to get the word out there!

Get your website and business social media sorted!

Businesses such as

Gardening Services

Landscape Gardeners

Tree surgeons

Fencing Services

Gutter and driveway cleaners

Window Cleaners (outside)

Florists (home delivery)

Mobile MOT services

Mobile Valeting

Delivery Services



Virtual PA’s

Web Designers

Content Writers

Public Relations

Translation Services

Financial Advisors

Mortgage Advisors

Business Advisors


And I bet there are some more!

Have a Hospitality Business?

Ensure your website is fresh, inviting and easy to use

Ramp up your social media

Do those little jobs, you never got round to doing

Deep clean your kitchen and/or bar area

Refresh your interior – DIY and online shopping

Re-invent your offering for when times get better again

Websites and Social Media are now becoming more important than ever for small businesses. However, we realise that money might be extremely tight to pay for someone to do things for them.

So, we are setting aside time to help with FREE ADVICE & HELP for:

Setting up business social media accounts

Which social media accounts are right for your business

What content to post

How to find content

How often to post on which platform

Advice on websites

To access this help, please email, so we can arrange a time to talk over the phone or via Skype.

Stay safe and practice Social Distancing!

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