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What does a Train have to do with Social Media?

More than you might think!

If you are a Social Media pro, you might not wish to carry on reading.

However, if you are a small business or are thinking of starting up your new venture – this might help to explain why Social Media is so important to you.

Mind you - I need to tap into your imagination!


Train wagons are YOUR BUSINESS

Passengers are CUSTOMERS

and a Train Station is YOUR WEBSITE

Keep that in your mind, as I proceed to tell you a little story…

There is a railway track in the middle of nowhere…

And it has a train station, but no one knows where it is.

Your train wagons are somewhere on the track…

But they cannot get to the station to pick up the passengers.

The passengers do not know where the train station is…

As they do not know how to find it.

Something is missing!

What do you think it may be?

A LOCOMOTIVE is missing…

A locomotive, which loudly choo-choos along the railway track,

a locomotive, which pulls your wagons to the train station!

A train station, which the passengers can find, because the locomotive is so noisy!

Passengers get on board and love the wagons and the journey…

So, they decide to tell others, where the station is…

So they can find those wonderful wagons of yours and have that great journey, too.

And thereby I end my little story. 

The moral of it? Search Engine Optimisation is not always the only way to ensure your business website is found and explored.

Social sharing, has in many ways, replaced Word of mouth. Social Media can help you find and engage with your target audience.

How else will they find out about you?

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